Yoga Therapy

Are you feeling…?

Fiona (that's me!) can empower you by using Yoga Therapy to support your body and health. I can teach you to use  authentic and effective yoga practices and principles at your pace, easily and happily.  These excercises will really help your life.

Looking for hidden causes, building self esteem, gaining core strength and confidence are all part of my individual Therapy process.  If you are willing I will teach you to eliminate stress and imbalances in your body by treating symptoms on a causal level.

In the ‘one on one’ Yoga Therapy session I address any discomfort that may be a result of a specific condition or work with you to focus on your general health and well-being.

Some conditions that can be supported through yoga therapy are PTSD, menopause, weight issues, asthma, knee injuries etc.

These sessions can occur in the privacy of your own home.

Contact me directly on 0418 999 396 or complete my contact form and I will reply to your query.

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