Yoga & Mental Health


Emotional memories are stored in the body. Talk therapy is one way of dealing with experienced Trauma. Using yoga techniques is another way to support people with anxiety, depression or PTSD.

I have studied in detail the effects of yoga and mental health and I have adapted a practice from Dr Bessel van der Kolk and David Emerson's research in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.  This practice creates a pathway for a person to reconnect in their body, feel and experience different sensations that are often lost after experiencing trauma.  The other aspects of this practice is rewiring the brain so people are processing their trauma - teaching people that the brain can change and things do not have to stay the way they are.  Through this mindfulness practice we are teaching the brain new ways of operating.

The practice we will focus on in the sessions are to create connection and mindfulness of sensation in the body. The work is slow and not physical. You have choice in all the stages of the session.

I am an accredited Mental Health Social Worker through the Australian Association of Social Work.  An accredited mental health social workers are able to provide ‘Focused Psychological Strategies’ to individuals under the "Better Access to Mental Health Care" for up to a maximum number of 10 sessions per client per calendar year, with a review by the referring doctor required after the initial six sessions. In addition, clients are also eligible for 10 group sessions in a calendar year.

Currently I can provide 2 options for private sessions:

Firstly, I facilitate my practice in the area of supporting mental wellness in a location on the Northside of Brisbane. 

The location is sitated within a dynamic counselling service, Foundations Counselling at 7/521 Beams Road, Carseldine.  Call 3263 9132 to arrange for an appointment time.  Appointments are on Monday afternoons.

Secondly, for those people unable to attend appointments I can offer Skype sessions.  You will need to make contact with me directly to make these arrangements.  Please use my contact page.

With a Mental Health Care plan from your GP, you can receive a rebate from medicare.

Click here to download a letter to take to your GP for your referral and Mental Health Care Plan.

If you would like more information, please fill in the contact form and I can email you.

If you belong to a Not For Profit Organisation and feel these workshops would benefit your client group, please contact me directly to discuss the possibility of delivery the workshop at your organisation for your clients.