Medicare rebates for 6 week programs

Presently Medicare does offer people who are eligible for a rebate for 6 -10 group ‘Psychological Therapy’ sessions (IN ADDITION to the 6-10 individual sessions) with a Medicare registered Mental Health Social Worker.

To be eligible for the rebate, you will need a mental health care plan and a referral letter from your GP or Psychiatrist.

You only need a referral from you GP if you wish to claim a Medicare rebate for the course.  

If you already have a mental health care plan and a referral for individual counselling (either with myself or another mental health social worker or psychologist), you will need to talk to your referring GP about adding group therapy to the care plan, and you will need another referral letter specifically for group therapy (details below).

To receive a rebate from Medicare, here is a plan:

1. Book a long appointment with your GP (or Psychiatrist) and receive the following (take along this GP letter):

2. Complete the registration form and pay the full course fee.  You can register before or after the visit to your GP. 

3. Bring your Drs referral letter and Mental Health Treatment Plan to the first session (alternatively your GP can send this to me at PO Box 2130, New Farm 4005.

4. To receive the full rebate you need to attend all the sessions to receive the full rebate (Medicare only provides a rebate for classes you actually attend – currently $18.70 per class).

5. At the end of course, complete the feedback form (you'll receive this at the end of the course).

6. You will then receive a receipt that you can send or take to a Medicare office and claim your refund. 

As Medicare only provides a rebate for the sessions that you actually attend, I will provide you with a receipt after the completion of the course, with the dates of the sessions you attended on it.

In accordance with Medicare requirements, I will:

When visiting your GP, you may like to take the GP Referal Letter to assist your GP in making the referral.

If you are uncertain whether your GP has completed all the necessary paperwork for you to be eligible for a rebate, please confirm this with your GP or call Medicare on 132 011.