Merging Mindz

Merging Mindz

 psycho-educational programs

Recently I have begun collaborations with an esteemed colleague, Amanda Smith, to develop a consultancy business. We are really excited to launch our new business ‘Merging Mindz’ that will offer a space for hope and change.

We have a dynamic, exciting, inclusive evidence based program that can support and add great value to the work you are currently providing. We have worked together for the past two years facilitating these programs in diverse practice environments for both teams and consumers with very successful outcomes.  There are many new and exciting developments in neuroscience and trauma informed practice of which we incorporate in our groups.  We have researched and consulted with leading professionals to support the approach, focus and intention of our groups to maximize the benefits for people who have experienced trauma and complex trauma.

We consider these programs as being a new and dynamic approach in addressing behaviours and coping mechanisms in managing trauma.  Our focus is to create a space that allows people to explore places of pain and discomfort in a safe and therapeutic group.  Our psycho-educational groups also incorporate mindfulness, trauma informed yoga (mindful movement) and Bush Adventure Therapy as other tools to engage and support the experiential process. We know our program offers the potential  real transformation and recovery to living a life with more understanding, empathy, resilience and wellbeing. 

Please see the link to our newsletter which explains more about us and the programs we are so passionate about delivery to your service.